A visit visa for job seekers


There are reasons to rejoice for job seekers looking for greener pastures in the United Arab Emirates. A visitor visa comes into effect in September 2022 designed specifically for them to explore job opportunities in the country. Considered as one the biggest modifications in the residency system, the new visa aims to attract young talents and skilled professionals from across the world. It would add to the dynamic workforce of the UAE which is a thriving community of professionals from over 200 nationalities. Even for employers it’s a great option, as the previous visit visa didn’t permit anyone to work until they applied for residence visa. Valid for 5 years, the new visa allows professionals to enter the country multiple times in a calendar year or stay for 90 consecutive days and even extend it for another 90 days. They can also avail medical for visa to comply with the regulations.

Who benefits from the new visa:

  • Professionals who are classified under the first, second or third skill level as specified the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.
  • Fresh graduates from the top 500 universities around the world.
  • A bachelor’s degree or its equivalent is the minimum educational level required for this visa.

What are the benefits:

  • Contrary to the earlier mandate of having a sponsor, the new visa doesn’t require a host or sponsor for professionals to enter the United Arab Emirates.
  • The new visa offers much more flexibility.
  • One can enter the UAE multiple times on the same visa, which was not permissible earlier.
  • Entry visas that were valid 60 days earlier have now been extended to 90 days.
  • The 5 year visa allows professionals to work from their own country and keep visiting the UAE as and when required for their professional commitments.

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