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Are you planning to relocate to any other country from the UAE? One of the main points in your checklist should be a medical screening from an authorized medical centre.

All immigrant visa applicants must undergo a medical examination prior to the issuance of a visa. The main objective of a residency visa medical screening is to ensure that the applicant does not have any transmissible/infectious diseases, which is a safety precaution any nation will take to protect its residents. Infections with a communicable disease threaten the public health system which hence becomes a cause for inadmissibility.

The medical test generally includes screening for communicable diseases like Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, Leprosy, HIV, Syphilis, etc. The medical examination procedure consists of a physical examination, x-ray and blood test.

You will be required to bring your passport, visa interview letter, and a passport-sized photograph which will allow the medical centre for visa to identify you and complete the relevant forms.

Medical for visa to migrate to any country can be done at qualified medical centres such as Al Taj Smart Medical Centre, where the staff has adequate knowledge about the process and tests required for such circumstances. You may schedule an appointment with your medical centre to avoid any queues.

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